1. Business Law

Business Law


Overview: This material covers the primary topics covered within a Bachelor of Law or Legal Studies degree program. The topics are expansions upon the material covered within the textbook, The Legal Environment of Business (PDF) by Jason Mance Gordon.

US Court System

US Courts (Intro)

What is the authority for federal and state judicial systems?

All About Federal and State Court Personal and Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Members of Judicial System

How do cases arrive before appellate courts?

Contract Law

Contract Law (Intro)

Characteristics of a Contract

What is a Contract Offer, Acceptance, and Consideration?

When a Contract Must be in Writing – Statute of Frauds

Third Parties to a Contract

Contract Performance, Breach, and Damages

How to Read the Contract

Business Entities

Business Entities (Intro)

Why is studying business entities important?

Business Entities – Types and Characteristics

Breakdown of Specific Business Entities

More Depth on Business Entities

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Law (Intro)

Understanding Business Governance


Board of Directors


Corporate Governance Laws & Influences

Corporate Governance Issues

Securities Law

Understanding Securities Law

Securities Act of 1933

Registration Exemptions – Securities Act of 1933

Liability Under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933

The Security Exchange Act of 1934

Liability under the “Securities Enforcement Remedies Act”?

Blue Sky Laws – State Securities Laws

Secured Transactions

Secured Transactions Law (Intro)

Security Interests Explained

Security Interests in Land

Security Interest in Personal Property

Establishing a Security Interest

Understanding Priority of a Security Interest

Defenses Against Security Interests

Priority of Conflicting Security Interests

Commercial Paper

Understanding Commercial Paper

Negotiability of Commercial Paper

Negotiation of Transfer of Commercial Paper

Primary Obligation to Pay Commercial Paper

Underlying Obligation

Holder in Due Course

Defenses Against Payment of a Negotiable Instrument

Secondary Liability to Pay a Negotiable Instrument

Intellectual Property Law

Understanding Intllectual Property

Trade Secrets

Patent Rights



International Intellectual Property