Mobile Marketing – Definition

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Mobile Marketing Definition

Mobile marketing is a form of marketing targeted at mobile device users. This form of marketing uses multiple channels to market a variety of products and services to mobile devices users. Mobile marketing thrives on the use of features of modern mobile technology such as websites, MMS, SMS, E-mail, social media, and other means to reach a target audience.

This form of marketing primarily seeks to appeal to mobile devices users by creating modern advertising techniques to promote products and services. Personalized advertising targeted at a specific audience can also be done through mobile marketing.

A Little More on What is Mobile Marketing

Modern companies, whether small or large leverage mobile marketing to promote their products and services to mobile devices users. This form of marketing creates an opportunity for business to market their products and services through multiple promotion channels. Due to the importance of mobile marketing, service providers have begun to incorporate this form of advertising into their mobile gadgets.

Business can also target a specific audience through this marketing, for instance, a company can decide to market its products and services to just iphone users or ipad, Android, and other smartphones as the case may be. Also, given that fact that different marketing techniques appeal to different users, it is essential for a business to identify the most suitable marketing technique for its audience.

Mobile Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Mobile marketing leverage on the development of technology and internet to promote good and services to users. Unlike traditional marketing that entail door-to-door marketing, mobile marketing need not to see its target audience before they can receive promotional messages about a product or service.

There is no location barrier for mobile marketing, since mobile device users go with their devices wherever they go. Traditional marketing entails meeting people, sharing flyers, printing banners and all to promote goods and services. Mobile marketing however uses marketing campaigns, online flyers and promotional content that mobile devise users receive on their devices regardless of their location.

Mobile Marketing Concerns

Despite that mobile marketing has numerous advantages, it raises few concerns. One of the major concerns of mobile marketing is the access to data by companies who sent promotional messages to mobile device users. Also, when companies are able to collect data on mobile devices, it poses a concern of whether the data are used for the right purpose and not for fraudulent activities. Hence, data theft has become a critical issue with mobile marketing. The inability to detect whether the targeted users received the message or not is another concern.

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