Associate in Management (AIM) – Definition

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Associate In Management (AIM) Definition

The Associate in Management refers to a professional title program in the property-casualty and risk management insurance industry offering further education in management to mid-level managers. The AIM designation program has a goal of ensuring that it enhances the management and decision-making abilities of professions in the management field.

A Little More on What is an Associate In Management (AIM)

The AIM designation four-course program helps professionals in the management to better understand the management principles and practices. It also helps them to develop team management skills that they can apply in the real-world. In addition, it gives the managers within the insurance firms strategic planning initiatives skills as well as smart business decisions.

The AIM program is generally a designation with undisputed credentials that all management professionals should consider earning. The AIM title is practical and consists of a specific set of skills and practices that are teachable and testable.

How does one earn the AIM’s Certification?

The AIM designation certification is given to applicants who successfully complete the required four exams by the Insurance Institute of America. The certification suits those individuals working in managerial positions or for those aspiring to become managers in an insurance firm.

About the Courses and Exams Requirements

The AIM course program is a self-study course that takes about 9-15 months for an applicant to complete. Upon completing the self-taught course, an applicant must take exams made available on the IIA website. In other words, to be awarded the AIM designation, the applicant must successfully study and take exams in the following courses:

  • Management practices and principles
  • Human resources
  • Management Business Organization Today (Current business issues analysis)

Note that an applicant can start the AIM course program at any given time. However, the examination for the course is usually scheduled upon successful completion of the self-study course materials.

Ethics Requirement

Apart from completing the course and the exams, an applicant must also pass the following two courses in ethics for him or her to be awarded the AIM designation:

  • Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals Ethics
  • The CPCU Code of Professional Conduct

The Cost

The entire program will cost an applicant about $1800-2500. The cost covers both the exams and study materials. For an applicant to access the study material and the exam, he or she has to purchase them via the IIA website. The IIA website also provides practice exams to its learners, peer, and customer support.

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