American Bankruptcy Institute – Definition

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American Bankruptcy Institute Definition

The American Bankruptcy Institute refers to a nonpartisan research organization and association that provides education to bankruptcy professionals. ABI was founded in 1982 with its base in, Alexandria Virginia.

The ABI consists of over 12,000 accountants, attorneys, judges, lenders, bankers among other bankruptcy professionals. It provides funding to scholars who do research about insolvency issues. It also offers consumer education via its online Consumer Bankruptcy Center.

A Little More on What is the American Bankruptcy Institute 


The American Bankruptcy Institute connects its members with the largest community insolvency professionals in the bankruptcy industry. The ABI helps its members to build a long-lasting relationship with their peers, partners, and colleagues.

It also provides resourceful news and materials to help the members to succeed. The ABI is committed to ensuring that its members access quality continuing education, business development opportunities, and business development.

What does ABI Do?

ABI plays a major role in providing the general public as well as Congress leaders with non-partisan analysis and reporting of bankruptcy regulations, trends, and laws. For instance, ABI can be summoned to analyze proposed legislation, testify before the Congress, and carry out periodic briefings for legislative staff and congressional committees.

The other role of ABI is to ensure that it maintains an informational website, publishes books, provides information to journalists. It also publishes its ABI journal ten times each year as well as its ABI Law Review two times a year.

In addition, it holds national and regional conferences that offer continuing education. ABI has the commitment to serve its members with exclusive conferences, effective legal research, comprehensive continuing education, and dynamic networking opportunities. However, it is worth noting that the ABI does not lobby Congress.


What ABI Platform for Consumer Do


The American Bankruptcy Institute offers consumer information. The information is basically for those individuals who have an interest in gaining personal knowledge on bankruptcy, including alternatives to bankruptcy. Interested individuals can log into to access the information they want. Note that this website offers free services. It was purposely created to assist the general public with information that can help them understand bankruptcy and places where they can get professional assistance.


The ABI Consumer Bankruptcy Center also has a list of commonly asked questions as well as answers that are related to the consumer bankruptcy process. It also has free online versions of the recent Bankruptcy Code and links to credit counseling agencies provided to specific consumers.


The ABI’s Consumer Bankruptcy Center has lists of all the bankruptcy attorneys with certification from the American Board of Certification. So, any person who is in need of an attorney can easily access one through the platform.

American Bankruptcy Institute Membership

The American Bankruptcy Institute has various categories of membership. They are as follows:

  1. General: This membership is for those employees who work in for-profit entities. The registration fee for this category is $350.
  2. Government/Non-profit/Professor: this membership is for individuals such as professors, fulltime government employees, and credit counseling employees. The membership registration fee for this category is $125.
  3. International: This includes online membership for those individuals residing outside North America as well as the Caribbean. The membership fee for this category is $125.
  4. Legal Resource Professional: This category is for people like librarians, virtual bankruptcy assistant, and full-time paralegals. The membership fee is $125.
  5. Student: This category accommodates individuals such as full-time law students. Its membership fee is $20. It is important to note that for this type of membership, ABI reserves the right to do verification as far as enrolment, class attendance, and expected graduation date is concerned.
  6. First Year Postgraduate: This membership category is for students who graduated last year. Its membership fee is $50. Under this category, the ABI reserves the right to verify the graduation date.
  7. Second Year Post Graduate: This membership is for those individuals who graduated within the last 2 years. ABI reserves the right to verify the graduation date.

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