Emblements – Definition

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Emblements Definition

Emblements are annual crops that a tenant cultivates, and are considered to be the sole property of the tenant and not the landlord. In case the tenant is no longer the one who possesses or owns the land on which he or she grows crops, he or she will still have the right to wind up growing and harvesting the crops. In case the tenant dies, his or her heirs or nominees will have the right over crops. However, there is an exception to emblements. In case, the crops are annual in nature, but they don’t seek any efforts from the tenant, they won’t fit in the category of emblements.

A Little More on What is  Emblements

The principle of emblements safeguards the rights of tenant farmers who are prone to be adversely affected by the land that they use for farming at the time of foreclosure. In such cases, farmers have the authority to cultivate crops even in case of loss of the land.

When a tenant plants crops with a motive to harvest them, he or she ultimately gets the ownership of the crops. That’s why emblements offer the exclusive right to tenants or farmers to treat crops as their own property, even if somebody else owns the land.

The principle of emblements can be taken into consideration in several cases. For instance, a farmer rented a portion of land from Mr. A with a purpose to sow and grow corn and soybeans. The lease renews every year in the month of July. In May, Mr. A makes up his mind to sell the property, and tells the farmer that the lease terminates by this summer. In this situation, the farmer has the authority to keep working on the land through fall season, until he cultivates and reaps crops.

Emblements create issues at the time of purchasing or selling a house. For instance, it may not be in knowledge of home buyers that crops that are a part of the property are somebody else’s possession.

Exceptions to the Rule of Emblements

Emblements are also referred to as fructus industriales, that translates to “crops produced by manual labor”. This term works in contrast to fructus naturales, that means crops that grow in a natural manner. Emblements don’t include crops that don’t require annual harvesting, or labor. For instance, wild mushrooms don’t fit in the category of emblements even if they grow on property owned by a tenant. Crops that grow annually from perennial plants like apples fall in the category of emblements until the very first harvest after the tenant’s right on property ends. Also, if a tenant loses tenancy because of his or her own fault, the right to emblements gets waived off.

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