Chartered Market Analyst – Definition

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Chartered Market Analyst Definition

The Chartered Market Analyst (CMA), also known as “Financial Analyst Designation (FAD)” is a title awarded to individuals by the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute (formerly American Academy of Financial Management). It can also be defined as the technical qualifications for technicians in financial research and market analysis. Eligible candidates have a number of years of experience in market analysis or financial reporting. Required education requires a bachelor’s degree in business, tax, accounting, financial services, insurance, law, CPA, MBA, MS, Ph.D. or JD, as well as an AAFM training course. The type of examination taken by individuals varies according to the educational requirement.

A Little More on What is a Chartered Market Analyst (CMA)

The Chartered Marketing Analyst Program explores various marketing strategies and innovations that are important for success in a competitive landscape that is evolving globally. This highly practical qualification has been developed specifically for:

  • Marketing Managers.
  • Marketing Practitioners.
  • Advertising and PR Agency Executives.
  • Customer Relationship Managers.
  • Product Line Managers.
  • Retail Banking Managers.
  • Sales and Promotions Managers are responsible for services marketing.

The CMA program enables individuals to:

  • Better understand the changing marketing climate in the global marketplace and local area for financial institutions.
  • Know how to tackle rising competitive pressure from large global banks.
  • Find out how to build a multi-year marketing strategy for their organization’s services and products, e.t.c.

CMA professionals must complete 15 hours of continuing education every year.

Problem Associated with the Chartered Marketing Analyst Examination.

Individuals who sit for one of the CMA exams and fails either will have to wait for a whole year before being given a second chance to retake the examination. This is so because the examination comprises of three challenging six-hours exams.

The first is concerned with the fundamental financial principles and can only be taken in June or December.

The second is concerned with analysis skills and accounting procedures and can only be taken in June.

The third is concerned with decision-making and portfolio management skills and can only be taken in June or December.

“In history, four trials are required for 32 percent of those taking the examinations to pass”-

Chartered Market Analyst Topics

The CMA course was designed to teach the practical marketing techniques and skills required by professionals working in marketing and customer relations. It covers nine main subject areas and uses a variety of training techniques. Core areas of the course include:

  • The competitive environment.
  • The role of marketing.
  • Customer behavior.
  • Developing new products and services.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • Promotion and communication.
  • Distribution and multi-channel considerations.
  • CRM and marketing strategy and planning.

Individuals who successfully complete the program have the right to use the CMA mark with their names. This can give them a higher edge in job opportunities, boost their prestige and upgrade their salaries.

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