Certified Commercial Investment Member – Definition

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Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)

An expert or a professional with an in depth knowledge in the commercial and investment real estate field is called a  Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). CCIM sets designers apart from the crowd, the professional designation is awarded by the CCIM institute. CCIM institute has awarded over 9, 500 professionals in the disciplines of commercial and investment real estate. This designation is recognized all over the globe.

Understanding Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM)

CCIM institute has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Professionals and experts with CCIM certification are in different countries around the world. Designees of CCIM are expected to be up to the task when it comes to investment analysis or market analysis in the investment and commercial real estate. The international membership of CCIM is about 1000 who practise in different countries. However, not all professionals in the commercial real estate and investment real estate have CCIM designation, in the United States for example, only 6% of the estimated 150,000 professionals have the CCIM designation.

Becoming a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)

As a professional in commercial and investment real estate, holding the CCIM designation adds to you prestige and credibility as a professional. However, to qualify for the professional designation, certain requirements must be met. The major criteria for becoming a CCIM designee are;

You must complete the CCIM institute’s curriculum. The breakdown of the curriculum can be found below:

  • CI 101: Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate;
  • CI 102: Market Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate;
  • CI 103: User Decision Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate;
  • CI 104: Investment Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate;
  1. You must complete the online ethics course and an Advanced Negotiation Workshop.

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