American Institute of Banking – Definition

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American Institute Of Banking (AIB) Definition

The American Institute of Banking is an educational organization that provides current information on government policies and regulations affecting banks across the United States. Founded in 1907 by the American Banking Association, AIB offers over 100 courses on banking yearly.  It provides training and education to individuals in the banking industry.

The AIB courses are conducted online or face to face. The face to face training is done either in a workplace setting or in a classroom setting. Those who complete the course are awarded certificates and diplomas. The AIB has over 150,000 bankers who participate in their education programs every year. The AIB course meets the requirements specified by the Institute of Certified Bankers.

A Little More on What is the American Institute Of Banking – AIB

Generally, the American Institute of Banking learning program was established to improve, refresh, and boost the knowledge base and job skills for those individuals who are already working or aspire to work in the banking industry. Individuals who complete various training programs are able to obtain AIB diplomas and certificates.

AIB certification is a universally recognized certificate in the banking industry. An individual with the AIB certification can easily obtain the necessary professional licenses required in the field of banking.

ABA offers comprehensive education and training through the American Bankers Association. In other words, the AIB Training diplomas, certificates, and courses are part of ABA Training, offered through a local ABA Training provider such as the Indiana Banking Association.

The AIB training consists of in-depth learning opportunities that suit specific job roles facilitated in various modes of study. For instance, there is an online format that offers unmatched content that helps meet the needs of learners today, especially with the changes in the demographic in the industry of banking.

What Roles does the American Institute of Banking Play?

ABI takes care of international banks’ needs. It does this through its BAFT subsidiary and membership for non-banks, including other service providers that seek information related to banking.

It provides continuing education and training to parties who show interest in the banking industry. Those who also benefit from the training are participants who are already in the banking industry. AIB offers certification to individuals who aspire to train and prepare for certain designations within the banking industry. Some of these positions include the following:

  • Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager
  • Certified AML and Fraud Professional
  • Certified Trust and Financial Advisor
  • Certified IRA Services Professional
  • Certified Corporate Trust Specialist
  • Certified Financial Marketing Professional
  • Certified Retirement Service Professional

The AIB training entails essential courses, including basics in business. The course also consists of precise topics in banking. They include topics such as:

  • Retail banking
  • Consumer
  • Commercial banking
  • Mortgage
  • Marketing
  • Compliance
  1. AIB operates under the idea that government policies need to recognize diversity in the banking industry. The recognition should also apply to the role the policies play in driving economic growth and job creation. That the government should tailor the laws and regulations to ensure that they correspond to the following:
  • Bank’s charter
  • Business model
  • Risk profile
  • Local markets

The move will help banks throughout the United States to serve their communities as well as customers with much ease.

About the AIB Courses

The AIB’s diploma and certificate programs require individuals to complete a minimum of five or more courses. Some AIB programs require candidates to complete a given program before moving on to others. A detailed description of the courses is available on the AIB’s website. Also, those who want to pursue the AIB courses can request a course catalog. They can also use the online directory of the institute to find an instructor.

The AIB courses provide a wide range of content and skill tests that complement the other. Certificate courses are usually short in terms of duration. The course’s total duration may range from one to three weeks.

The awarding of diploma certificate is to those individuals who complete both the elective option and required courses. The diploma courses last for not less than two hours’ credit award tradition grade levels.

The categorization of the grade levels includes A, B, C, or D. Note that for a student to obtain an AIB diploma, it is mandatory for him or her to receive either a C or higher total average.

AIB training is flexible and affordable. When it comes to flexibility, there is a frequent update of the training information to ensure a greater learning experience for students. Students are able to access the information on courses at any given time and from any location or place.

The Available Mode of Study for AIB Courses

AIB courses have many options, as far as extensivity and in-depth learning are concerned. AIB offers different convenient modes of study across the United States. Some of the study modes include the following:

  • Online Course (Instructor Led)

The online course is instructor-led, and depending on the topic, the course can run from 5 to 16 weeks. The online mode course starts and ends within the specified dates. For those students doing the online course, they are free to access it at any given time (at night or during the day) to work on the assignments. The assignments are due at the end of every week.

An email and a password are sent to the student the Friday before the class begins. The student can log in using the password to access modules and assignments when the class starts. The student completes the assignments and the exams on the internet.

  • E-learning (Self-Paced)

The e-learning is a self-paced mode of study. Classes under this mode of study run from two to eight hours and students are free to begin the course at any given time of the day. The execution of all the course work is on the internet, and students do not require any modules or textbooks.

A student can complete a course on one or a number of sittings. Instructors are always available to guide the student and answer any question(s) a student may have. The administration of assignments and exams is on the internet.

  • In-house 

This mode of study takes place at the workplace, where students have face-to-face study sessions with an instructor. An institution that requires this mode of study for its employees can contact the AIB for arrangements.

Banking Fundamental Courses Offered by AIB

The Banking Industry: This entails an introduction to the banking business. The course helps the students to understand the evolution of banking since the financial crisis of 2008. It also covers the bank’s role in the United States economy as well as the settings in which the banks compete and operate. The course also takes the student through different careers in banking to motivate, inspire, and prepare new bankers. Also covered include financial product innovation.

Bank Lines of Business: The course involves a comprehensive product and services review offered by banks to customers. These may include:

  • Deposit products
  • Insurance products
  • Investment products
  • Strategies for growing and retaining market share

The program generally broadens the understanding of employees in the banking sector. It helps them to deeply understand how banks serve businesses, individuals, and the financial service needs of corporate customers.

Building Customers Relationships: The course helps students to learn how to acquire managerial skills that entail building critical relationships. This is key for those individuals who aspire to achieve successful careers in banking. The course guides students to learn various banking strategies such as :

  • Earning customer loyalty
  • Value-added sales and marketing
  • Creating as well as maintaining sturdy bank customer
  • Partner relationships

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