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Presentation Style Guide

Presentation Style Guide

Here are some additional strategic and stylistic advice to remember when creating your slide deck:

  • The material should be attractive
  • Tell the big picture, but know the details
  • You are selling, the investor is buying.  Buying is emotional – money is not the #1 issue.
  • No Jargon, Acronyms, Be Specific, Mention Partners and Key customers.
  • Lay the background before introducing the product – assume investors aren’t the customer. (Tell a story about a real person)
  • Don’t use top-down marketing; rather use bottom-up.
  • You need a clear economic model (not complex) that shows what costs are and what your customers will pay.
  • How will you make your brand stand out to customers?
  • Point out your strengths and opponent weaknesses – show you know how to exploit them.
  • Develop a marketing plan that involves the praise of early adopters.
  • Be honest about your numbers, investors understand when they are hearing spin.

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