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Daily Active User Explained

Daily Active Users Explained

The number of unique users interacting with an online product on a given day is calculated as the daily active users. It is a way to measure the success of an online product, be it an online game, social networking site or online publication.

A Little More About Daily Active Users

The daily-active-users calculation assesses the “stickiness” of an internet product. The DAU calculation registers an active user only when a visitor accesses the site, engages with it or takes any action. The action may differ from one type of product to another. The activity on social media site includes creating account, signing in, posting, reacting and commenting on a post, watching a video etc., for an online publication the activities are visiting, subscribing, reading or saving a story, for mobile app it is downloading the app, signing up, using the app and sharing it with friends.

Generally, a user is considered active if they view the product online or establish an interaction with it. It ranges from just visiting the splash page of the product, commenting on its Social media page to actually using the product. For some companies, login and engagement are required for considering someone to be an active user. This can also be calculated on a monthly basis, known as Monthly Active Users. Depending on the nature of the product, daily or monthly active users are calculated to have an idea about the reach of that product.

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