What is a Direct Public Offering?

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Direct Public Offering
This video explains what is a Direct Public Offering or DPO.

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What is a “direct public offering”?

A direct public offering is the process by which a company offers its shares for sale directly to the public without employing the services of an underwriter. The underwriter has the ability to reach out to large institutional investors and guarantee the sale of a certain quantity of securities. In a direct public offering, the company will generally enlist the services of a broker to make certain the offering is carried out in accordance with the securities laws. The requirement to register securities still applies; however, the company may be able to employ an exemption from registration (discussed below). Once registration (or an exemption therefrom) is complete, the company will advertise the offering and begin selling to individuals, investment firms, etc. The direct public offering has become popular for companies seeking to crowdfund its growth. Numerous websites and services now exist to meet this demand.

•    Note: The direct public offering is generally employed by smaller firms who cannot attract an investment bank to underwrite the public offering. It is far cheaper than an IPO, particularly if the company is able to employ an exemption from the securities registration process.

•    Discussion: Why do you think larger companies generally go through the IPO process, rather than undertaking a direct public offering? Can you see any advantages to the IPO over the DPO or vice versa?

•    Practice Question: How does the process of a direct public offering differ from that of an initial public offering? What are the advantages of the DPO process?

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