White Hat SEO – Definition

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White Hat SEO Definition

A White Hat SEO is Search Engine Optimization strategy that focuses on the use of SEO techniques focused on human audience that are acceptable by the search engines. White hat uses tactics and techniques that seem overboard but approved by major search engines.

White hat SEO are SEO strategies that are purely focused on human or website’s audience, techniques deployed by white hats include the creation of high-quality website content. SEO factors that are keenly taken into consideration by white hat include; site performance, quality of content, meta information, site design and architecture, images, videos, and others.  Balck hat SEO is the opposite of white hat SEO.

A Little More on What is White Hat SEO

The techniques commonly used by white hat SEO include the following;

Creation of quality content: this is an approach used to improve the ranking of a website on a search engine based on the originality and uniqueness of the content displayed on it.

Relevant keywords: keywords used by white hat SEO are carefully selected and are relevant to the website. Both short and long tail relevant to the site are deployed.

While black hat SEO focuses on improving the search rankings of websites and sometimes break search engine rules, white hat SEO is audience or human-focused. Through the use of strategies and techniques that target human audience, white hat SEO has gained much relevance.

Keywords and SEO

Keywords are crucial in Search Engine Optimization, appropriate use of keywords, keyword analysis and meta tags make websites relevant and responsive to the needs of the audience. Keywords must however be appropriately used.

Keyword stuffing is a common technique used in black hat SEOs, this is a practise of loading a webpage with excessive keywords with  the aim of manipulating the site’s ranking on search engines. Keyword stuffing is a practice which is not encouraged by SEO professionals.

Keywords are however important for search engine optimization. These are words (both short and long tail) that are relevant to the content on the webpage. Google’s Keyword Planner is a good tool for selecting and using relevant keywords.

SEO Competition

Using keywords in a unique and creative way is important to keep a webpage or website aloof of competitions. Due to the presence of numerous sites competition in the same industry of terrain, for a site to stand out, keywords and other SEO techniques are not to be used shabliy but uniquely to project that the site stands for. Getting good placement and rankings on search engines is dependent on how SEO techniques and strategies are creatively deployed by a website.

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