What is Business Governance?

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What is Business Governance?
This video explains what is business governance.

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What is “business governance”?

Business governance concerns the actions and controls placed on those charged with managing a business entity. Business governance is the subject of extensive legislation and research, particularly as it pertains to the corporate entity form. Corporate governance generally concerns the internal control of a corporation as influenced or controlled by state and federal law, rules of ethics, and industry standards. It specifically focuses on the actions of managers and directors and the observance of procedural safeguards of shareholder rights.

•    Example: Issues in corporate governance include, voting rights, meeting requirements, approval of corporate actions, record retentions, disclosure of information, and any other procedural undertakings concerning the management of the corporation.

•    Discussion: Why do you think corporate governance is the subject of academic research rather than simply the mechanical functions of corporate governors? How does corporate governance relate to the personal attributors of entity governors?

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