Website URLs and Social Media Handles

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Website URL and Social Media Handles
This video talks about the considerations when naming a business, such as the Website URL and Social Media Handles

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Website URL and Social Medial Outlets

Many people often forget to determine if the name of your business is available for a custom URL (E.g., “.com” is the most popular type of URL. “.net” and “.org” are also extremely popular. Government and educational organizations often use “.gov” or “.edu”. You can go to any hosting provider (such as GoDaddy) and check the availability of the website address.  If the website is already registered, your options may be to use a different domain name or seek to purchase the domain name from the owner.  May people purchase domain names in bulk in hopes of later selling the name for a profit.

As indicated for website URLs, it is important to go ahead and register your social media names before they are taken.  For example, you will want to obtain Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular outlet, so you may want to go ahead and establish your custom twitter handle (e.g., @jmgordonlaw).

Conclusion:  Selecting an appropriate business name is an important step in the formation of your business. However, you have to make certain that your intended name. If it is available, then you should take steps to protect it from encroachment via multiple outlets.

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