Types of Teams

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Types of Teams

A team is generally understood to be a group that shares a common purpose and functions cohesively.

As such, there are innumerable types of teams that arise within the many groups making up an organization. Teams serve any purpose required by the organization. It is helpful, however, to categorize certain characteristics of teams. Some commonly recognized types of teams include:

  • Organization/Workforce – This is the collective body of employees within an organization.
  • Permanent or Temporary Teams – This concerns the duration for which the team exists.
  • Working Teams and Committees – These are the functional teams that carry out routine company operations.
  • Special Purpose Teams (Task Forces) – Also known and problem-solving team, these types of teams are temporary and handle special matters that are not part of routine company operations.
  • Multi-Functional Teams – These teams are made up of individuals from multiple functional backgrounds. These types of teams tend to be project-based teams.
  • Self-Directed Teams – These teams are empowered with autonomy to make decisions and take actions based upon an assigned objective. It does not follow the traditional organizational hierarchy.
  • Management Teams – These are teams of managers that are made up generally or senior managers. The primary purpose of these teams is to undertaking planning.
  • Virtual Teams – Teams that are connected through information technology but perform their tasks or functions remotely from other team members.

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