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Things to Do and Not Do in a Salary Negotiation

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To Do:

  • Preserve the relationship/appear accommodating/use problem-solving. Make sure both sides are happy.
  • Prepare thoroughly & be realistic about your salary expectations
  • Wait to negotiate salary until you have an offer
  • Get the offer in writing
  • Know when to walk away
  • Think about the offer (at least 48 hours) before responding
  • Consider the entire compensation package and not just the salary portion
  • Practice negotiating
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for the job

Things Not To Do

  • Issue ultimatums or hard bargain
  • Lie, exaggerate or mislead
  • Appear desperate
  • Negotiate based on personal needs
  • Squeeze the company. Know when to quit negotiating.
  • Ask for “one more thing”.
  • Negotiate with a company to increase your leverage with another. Only negotiate with companies you are generally considering joining.
  • Use job offers in unrelated fields as leverage
  • Make quick decisions because of deadlines

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