Sophisticated Investor (Securities) – Definition

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Sophisticated Investor Definition

A sophisticated investor is an investor with a high net-worth that provide him with the ability to invest in advanced security. This investor also has an in depth knowledge in investment and expertise in the market that makes him meet certain investment criteria. A sophisticated investor is eligible for investment opportunities that other investors might not be eligible for.

Before we proceed, here are some essential things to know about a sophisticated investor;

  • A sophisticated investor has a depth of knowledge and experience in the market.
  • He is a high net-worth investor that had enough funds to  engage in classified investment opportunities.
  • There are varying definitions given to the term ‘sophisticated investors’ depending on different factors and states.

A Little More on What is a Sophisticated Investor

A sophisticated investor is a high-net-worth investor who is considered to have a depth of experience and market knowledge that makes them eligible for certain benefits and opportunities. It is important to know that there is no single correct definition to the term as a state or country determines the definition it wants to attribute to it. The high net-worth and experience of these investors are their major qualifications for specific investment opportunities that other investors might not be able to access.

Sophisticated investors have higher income bracket which qualifies them to make large investments. According to analysts, being a sophisticated investor is not an immunity to poor investment that can lead to loss of money.

Sophisticated Investors and Accredited Investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States distinguish sophisticated investors from accredited investors. The way companies issue private offerings are also regulated by the SEC through Regulation D. Investors with a deep knowledge of the investment market and with the financial ability to qualify for certain investment opportunities are called sophisticated investors.

Rule 506 of Regulation D contains that private offerings can be accessed by a wide range of number of accredited investors and limited sophisticated investors. Before an investor can become an accredited investor, their net-worth must be $1 million or more. There are other requirements that accredited investors are required to meet, such as making $200,000 per year for two years and beyond. These requirements are contained in Rule 501 of Regulation D.

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