Social Media Marketing – Definition

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Social Media Marketing Definition

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the act of marketing a company’s products and services through social networks, websites and social media platforms. All forms of advertising done on the internet using social techniques and applications to attract clients is SMM.

Social media marketing is also called digital marketing or e-marketing. It entails the use of social networks to increase the exposure of a brand and attract new customers. Nowadays, companies leverage social media marketing to drive business growth and profit. They promote their business, engage existing customers and widen their customer reach using social networks and applications.

A Little More on What is Social Media Marketing

Through social media marketing, marketers are able to use diverse technological tools, social applications and networks to drive sustainable growth in a business. Social media websites avail marketers techniques and tactics that can be used in reaching more customers and retain the existing ones. Having an online presence is crucial to every business in the 21st century, this is why many marketing campaigns and advertorials are sent to people via social networks and platforms.

SMM is not restricted by geographical location, you can reach people regardless of where they are using social techniques and platforms. Internet audience are huge companies that leverage the numerical strength of this audience trend to thrive well. Targeting audience through social media marketing is important, the types of adverts, messages and campaigns churned out to individuals must also resonate with their needs and desires.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Developing transferable messages is a major strategy used in social media marketing, this means a receiver can share content of the message with loved ones. This strategy is crucial and it expands the number of people reached.

Sending a solicited message is another strategy. This requires sending messages to customers who have showed interest in receiving adverts, campaigns or messages from a source. Unsolicited messages turn receivers off and most of these messages and campaigns end up in the spam.

Creating an attractive and appealing content is another strategy used in SMM. Boring messages and uncreative content is a turn off, the SMM team of a firm should ensure they inject creativity and innovative thinking into the campaigns created. This is because readers can distinguish a great content from a bad one at first glance.

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