Rainmaker – Definition

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Rainmaker Definition

A rainmaker as used in business refers to an individual who has the capacity to win a contract as well as bringing on board prospective clients in a magical manner. It is termed as magical because the influence on a business being a new activity is usually not readily available. In other words, a rainmaker is a person who has the ability to bring a significant amount of business to a company.

A Little More on What is a Rainmaker

The term rainmaker has gained popularity in various industries as well as activities. These areas include politics, banking, and also in public speaking. Note the term rainmaker cuts across and so, it can apply to anyone.

In the real sense, this is someone who is capable of making a difference even when things aren’t going well. This is someone who is capable of bringing additional returns to the business, something that other people may not be able to do.

Generally, the rainmakers possess quality features that are unique, which makes them more productive as compared to the rest. Also, the unique skills they possess put them in a position where they are able to provide advice in investment and other key business decisions.

When it comes to rainmakers in business, how they carry out the activities is not important. Provided that the means are legal and ethical, and that the company is able to realize multiple returns from their input.

History Behind the Term Rainmaker

The term rainmaker refers to a culture in Native American which back then it was believed that a person could mystically cause clouds to form followed by rainfall. Today, the term rainmaker is widely being used to categorize any person who possesses the ability to bring more success, when it comes to returns and sales.

For instance, in a business context, the term rainmaker is widely spread in various service industries, where professional management and influence is Key. Such services include financial services as well as brokerage houses.

This term is also used in the legal profession. In a law firm, it is used to describe a typical attorney who has the ability to bring new clients through personal contacts and efforts.

The term can also be applied in the political field. For example, the president of the United States Barack Obama had so much influence on political fund-raising where he raised money for other politicians. For this reason, he was seen to be a rainmaker.

Areas where Rainmaker can be Applied

Rainmaker exists in various parts of the business. However, the term is mostly applied to those individuals who are capable of making significant changes in various important areas. Some of these areas include the following:

Corporate Business

Rainmaker is a metaphor that means money, therefore, it is commonly used in the business sector. This is because business mostly involves transactions of which money is always part of these transactions. The term rainmaker in legal terms is used to refer to either partners or associates. These are individuals with the ability or who possesses the connections that improve the company’s business. Note that in business, to define a rainmaker, you have to base on the ability of an individual to convince and handle big clients so that in one way or the other, they become part of their business operations.


The rainmaker term in politics exists though it is mostly not visible. However, the phrase can be used to refer to past holders of office who have built political power networks as well as wealth that makes them influential. So, a person who has the ability to influence voters (sway votes) can, in this case, be regarded to be a rainmaker.


When it comes to entertainment, it is somehow the same as used in business. However, they differ in terms of equity delivery. Note that in entertainment, what is most valued is talent unlike in business where the money is the most valued thing. This then means that to be able to thrive in the entertainment industry, you should have the capacity to secure talent. Your talent is what will influence activities in this industry.

Common Characteristics and Skills of a Rainmaker

Generally, for one to become a rainmaker, you don’t need to have any credentials or certification for that. However, you need to possess some unique features that will make you a rainmaker that is also important to the drivers of the business. This also includes the activities that rainmakers carry out. Below are some of the important characteristics of a homemaker salesperson:

  • They tend to listen well and also conscious when it comes to others.
  • They are usually focused on clients to help them solve and cope with their problems.
  • Rainmakers have the ability to outperform other sellers
  • They are prolific when it comes to selling
  • Have the capacity on building relationships with other people that help them to win contracts as well as new clients.
  • Since the see business as sales, they, therefore, take the management of revenue their responsibilities.
  • They are usually energetic and highly motivated
  • They engaging as well as influential
  • They go-getters who have the ability to motivate themselves and others too
  • Good networkers who make connections to meet business prospects.
  • They can also research new about industry trends

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