Pre-Money Valuation – Definition

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Pre-Money Valuation Definition

A pre-money valuation is the worth that the stock of a firm carries before going public or receiving investments. Venture capitalists mostly use this term in their operations.

A Little More on What is Pre-money Valuation

For instance, The Fabless Donut Shop is planning to go public soon. If venture capitalists as well as managerial team predict that the firm will manage raising $100 million in its initial public offering (IPO), it means that it will have a pre-money valuation of $100 million.

It can be tedious for a firm to evaluate its stock prior to going public. While discussing about pre-money valuations, businessmen and venture capitalists make sure that they don’t spend the money that they really don’t have.

How pre-money valuations are determined

Pre-money valuation can also take place prior to any type of investment or financing is put into an organization, and not only when the trading is made in public markets. This valuation occurs before the angel investors make any investment in the company. Such valuation can have a relation with the revenues that the company is yet to generate from its sales.

There can be times when the firm’s product or service is still not ready to be released. Hence, many factors, such as businesses that can be compared, affect the pre-money valuation of the company. The revenue calculations and market value of developed organizations having the same approach of functioning can help in measuring the prospective pre-money valuation of firms.

If a pre-money organization asserts that it is its first time to enter an industry, and analyze exclusive organizational models, it will still take ideas for pre-valuation from a prior business. For instance, a firm planning to manufacture a modern vacuum cleaner will analyze how other vacuum cleaning companies perform. Other variables such as the expertise of entrepreneurs and leaders, the potential of offering premium services at the right time, and prospective competition can also help in determining the pre-money valuation.

Who determines the pre-money valuation?

An investor who is planning to invest in a company may ask for its pre-money valuation. This figure can further help in determining the amount of investments they should make in the company, and the extent of ownership or stake they expect to receive in exchange. There can be cases when the organization’s leadership may not support pre-valuations, when initiated by others, until they arrive at an amount that meets the organization’s objectives.

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