Personal Guarantee – Definition

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Personal Guarantee Definition

A Personal Guarantee is basically a legal promise by an individual that she will pay the debt back if the borrower does not pay. This acts as additional protection to the lender of the debt.

A Little More on What is Personal Guarantee

One can use a personal guarantee in a credit deal to get the funds secured for a business. The executives or the founders of small business concerns will generally issue this guarantee. The company is responsible to make payment on the debt. The guarantor is a backup.

This guarantee actually provides the creditor with a legal claim to the guarantor’s personal assets. For a business, it makes the debt more accessible. Sometimes a personal guarantee is the only way to secure a loan based upon underwriting standards.

In the process of loan application, the person who gives a personal guarantee for debt is required to include his profile and credit history as well as debt information. Hence, the profile of the owner becomes the primary base for underwriting.

The credit card application or a small business debt formally requires the tax identification number of the employee and details on the financial statements of the business. If someone is using the personal guarantee, then the social security number of the person will be required for a hard credit inquiry and details on his personal income. Some lenders also ask for the detailed information of the person’s own assets.

Business owners must specifically be careful when they are going to apply for a business credit card because a personal guarantee of the applicant may be one of the required terms. As an individual, it is better for the applicants to look for language, e.g. “you, as a person and authorizing an officer of the firm…agree to severally and jointly liable with the firm for all dues to the account.”

Well-settled business entities that create an important commercial debt profile can get a loan without any personal guarantee. However, if an individual uses a personal guarantee in getting credit, then he is responsible in case of default. The use of a personal guarantee provides the creditor with a legal claim to the personal assets of an individual for a credit card or specific debt. Debt with a personal guarantee can be taken as a low-cost method for a business to get funds. However, if a business does not succeed in generating income and earning, then the individual may have to bear great losses. A personal guarantee provides a creditor with the rights to all the personal assets of an individual, such as savings accounts, real estate, checking accounts and cars. So, in a personal guarantee, the individuals should perform complete due diligence on his business aspects and the earning potential before he pledges his assets to the creditor.

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