Mobile First Strategy – Definition

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Mobile First Strategy Definition

Mobile-first strategy refers to an approach in website development and design in which handheld or mobile devices are given priority over desktops and computers. Using this strategy, websites are developed first for smartphones before other devices such as desktops and computers. After developing and designing websites for small screens and mobile devices, it can be extended to desktops and traditional computers.

A Little More on What is a Mobile First Strategy

When the mobile-first strategy is used by companies in web development and web designing, handheld phones and mobile devices are put as priorities before desktops and laptop computers. For a company that wants to reach more customers through web presence, the website is designed first for mobile phone users and then upgraded to suit desktops and laptop computers use.

Website features and designs for mobile users in a mobile-first strategy are different from those of desktop users. Companies who want to reach more users and achieve personalized customer experience use the mobile-first strategy. Desktop first strategy is the opposite of mobile-first strategy, this is when website designs are made first for desktop users before other users.

Mobile First Strategy Advantages

The advantages of mobile-first strategy are the following;

  • The mobile-first strategy allows a company to develop websites for smartphone users which aid the satisfaction of users.
  • When this strategy is used in web development and designing, it is user-optimized and has personalized features.
  • It enables a company to extract useful information about their customers and track data.
  • The mobile-first strategy is more efficient.
  • It helps users make informed decisions and help companies carry out a comprehensive needs analysis.

Mobile First Strategy and E-commerce

The mobile-first strategy is a common practice in the e-commerce industry, companies and organizations that do a lot of interactions with their customers online need the mobile-first strategy. This strategy allows websites to be designed first and specifically for the use of smartphones and handheld devices before desktops and laptop computers are considered.

Quite a large percentage of online customers do not use desktops when shopping or ordering products online. Hence, a mobile-first strategy is essential for e-commerce as it determines the amount of growth pr sales a particular company can make. In a 2017 study, for instance, over 75% of internet use was done with mobile phones, this suggests that the number as of 2018 and 2019 would have significantly increased.

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