Media Kit – Definition

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Media Kit Definition

A media kit refers to a material or document containing the identity of a brand, its goals, mission and vision and other vital information given to reporters or media personnel. Media kits are often used for promotional purposes, they contain basic information about a company and what it stands for that can portray it in a good light to the public. A company can also create a media kit for the launch of its new products, the kit contains relevant information about the product. Firms, brands, and organizations give media kits to reporters and journalists so that they can help them publicize their products or business.

A Little More on What is a Media Kit

A media kit can be used for several purposes including the launch of a business or product, publicizing a brand and others. When creating a media kit, it must clearly articulate the purpose for which it was created, this means all vital information should be contained in the kit to avoid recipients of the kit asking questions from the officials of the brand.

A media kit should not contain ambiguous phrases or sentences that will arouse questions or doubts from readers. Rather, it should be prepared in a simple and clear language. Depending on the function the media kit is serving, companies can make the kit less voluminous or as comprehensive as possible.

Possible Components of a Media Kit

There are some vital components that should not be missing in any media kit. This is aside from the brand’s official name, brief history, the names, titles, and biographies of its top executives, goals, and visions of the company and its specialized area of focus.

The core components of a media kit include the following;

  • Clear goals of the brand, business or product.
  • Website statistics which reflect the target audience of the brand and level of engagement.
  • Social Media platforms or handles
  • Level of coverage or audience base.
  • Contact information for reporters who might have additional questions or interviews with company executives.

Example of a Media Kit

Media kits are commonly used by companies that want to promote their image or enhance their business outlooks. Usually, businesses and brands distribute media kit to reporters or journalists at an organized event. Some media kits are published on company websites which can easily be accessed by reporters and people who need information about the product or brand.

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