Littoral Land – Definition

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Littoral Land

Littoral land refers to a piece of land located next to a body of water. It could also be a piece of land held between I’m upland and a body of water. Littoral lands are often adjacent to a shore, lake, sea or ocean. The opposite of a littoral land is a riparian land, which is a piece of land situated close to flowing water, such as a stream or river.

A Little More on What is Littoral Land

A littoral owner is the owner of land adjacent to a pool of water such as a sea, ocean or a lake. A littoral land is located near a shore, it is also a land whose borders are on an ocean, sea or lake. Some individuals prefer purchasing land of this nature, especially those that love living close to a body of water. Estate developers and business owners often show interest in this type of land, they can construct a beautify hotel, Waterfront or tourist attraction on the piece of land.

Littoral land is otherwise called an oceanfront or lakefront property. Generally, littoral land is more expensive than ordinary pieces of land given their closeness to the waters.

Other Uses of the Term and Water Rights

Littoral rights are rights used in real estate to describe ownership of land /rights to properties adjacent to a pooled body of water. Generally, littoral rights are water rights, although disconnected from the ownership of the real estate, water rights refer to rights to lakes, seas, oceans and other bodies of water.

In the real estate industry, littoral rights are given to owners of land and properties adjacent a pooled body of water, while riparian rights are attributed to owners of lands and properties situated close to moving water such as a river or stream.

Littoral rights confer on landowners the right to use the waters in a way that poses no threats to owners of properties upstream or downstream. This right gives landowners unlimited access to the body of water around their property.

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