Influences Leading Parties to Negotiate

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What scenarios or situations lead to a negotiation or cause parties to negotiate?

Negotiations result from actual or perceived conflicts of interest or objectives between two parties. The intent is to better one’s current position (further their interests or objectives) by achieving mutual assent with regard to differing perceived interests or objectives. The parties may desire to:

• align their actions (or inactions) in support of an interest or objective, or

• resolve a problem or dispute that exists (or may arise) between the parties by eliminating the point of conflict or difference.

• Discussion: Can you think of a situation where parties engage in a negotiation that does not involve a perceived conflict, dispute, or misalignment of interests? Do you think the objectives of the parties (i.e., whether it is a dispute, conflict, or misalignment of interests) affects the actions or attitudes of the party in the negotiation.

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