End User – Definition

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End-user Definition

The end-user refers to the ultimate person who consumes a product or service. This term offers a sense of distinction between the individual who buys and makes use of goods or services, and the ones who design, develop, or manufacture the product.

For developing an excellent product or service, the individuals who design, formulate, research, and promote the product or service should prioritize the preferences and needs of end-users, rather than their own. For instance, a tech programmer creating a special online platform trading multiple currencies would emphasize more on creating a user-friendly interface, and finding out what approach the end-user would follow, what content he or she would like to view, what steps he or she would take for having a quick access to information, what he or she would require to do the trade, and what he or she would do after the trading session finishes.

A Little More on What is an End User

The technology sector often uses the term ‘end-users’. A cybersecurity firm called Proofpoint Inc. acquired a security awareness training firm on Mar 1, 2018. The CEO of  Proofpoint said that with the increase in cybercriminals devising strategies to harm employees, business organizations need to work on minimizing the risks associated with cybersecurity education solutions, and devise strategies for adapting to changing behavior of end-users. The term ‘end-user’ is used in the healthcare industry as well. According to the CEO of Dentsply Sirona that is a dental supply business firm, their products are experiencing a growth at the end-user stage. In this case, the end-user refers to a dental expert who instills his knowledge and expertise in the utilization of the product.

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