Disclosure Statement – Definition

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Disclosure Statement Definition

A disclosure statement refers to a written document that clearly states the terms and rules of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). A disclosure statement, when used for financial contracts, contains the terms of the loan, repayment plans, interest fees, payment schedules and other important information.

Before an IRA is established, a disclosure of statement ought to be issued. This statement is an official document that contains the conditions and terms of the plan in a simple language. A disclosure statement can be provided seven days before the IRA is established or at the time of establishment.

A Little More on What is a Disclosure Statement

In a typical disclosure statement, an IRA owner should be given a period of seven days to consider the terms of an IRA, the IRA can be revoked within seven days if the owner is not satisfied with the information contained in the disclosure statement. For disclosure statements that are given at the time of establishing an IRA, seven days must also be given as a grace period during which  the plan can be revoked.

Information contained in a disclosure statement include eligibility requirements for IRA, IRA fees, distribution terms, penalties and other rules. When used for a financial contract, a creditor must send a disclosure statement to the borrower before the loan is issued.

Disclosure Statement and Retirement Accounts

There are diverse forms of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), so also are there several disclosure statements to suit each IRA. Types of IRA include Roth IRA, 401(k) plan, employer-sponsored IRA. One important factor in disclosure statements is that the document must clearly state the type of IRA, those who can contribute to the plan, the contribution mode (pre-tax or after-tax), contribution limits and withdrawal methods.

Also, penalties are outlined in the disclosure statement, the penalties are awarded in the event of an individual making premature withdrawal as against the withdrawal date in the document. Additional information contained in a disclosure statement include investmnet options that IRA participants can undertake, and conditions guiding their participation in investments.

Disclosure Statement and Loans

Disclosure statements are not limited to IRAs. they can also be used in loan agreements such as auto loans, mortgage loans, personal loans and student loans. When businesses also take up loans, a disclosure statement is given. The disclosure statement for all types of loans contain the terms of the loans, the amount issued, principal payment, interest rates, repayment schedule or plan, collateral, penalties in case of default and other information.

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