Consumer Protection Law

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What is Consumer Protection Law?
This video explains what is Consumer Protection Law.

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What is “consumer protection law”?

Consumer protection laws are state and federal laws that serve to protect individual consumers from deception or fraud in the marketplace. A consumer is someone who buys something for personal, family, or household use. These laws promote the accurate disclosure of information, facilitate market competition, and deter fraudulent practices. These laws specifically identify practices that are unfair or deceptive and mandate certain practices with regard to consumer disclosure. They protect vulnerable members of society and provide consumers with greater confidence in entering into commercial transactions.

•    Discussion: How do you feel about laws developed specifically to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive practices by merchants? Do you think that the situation of the consumer in the market justifies the special protections? Why or why not?

•    Practice Question: Damien has a small business. He purchases equipment for the business and believes that he has been defrauded by the seller. Does the consumer protection laws protect him? Why or why not?

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