Comptroller General – Definition

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Comptroller General Definition

In the United States, a Comptroller General is a government official that supervises the accounting policy in the States. This is a top-ranking official, often an accounting professional in a management level that oversees the accounting and financial reporting of the United States. Organizations can also have comptroller generals, these are officials that handle and supervise financial reporting of such organizations and ensure they meet the required quality.

In the United States, the comptroller general is appointed by the President based on merits and work record, this official is responsible for investigating all claims pertaining to finance made against the government.  The comptroller general is also the head of the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

A Little More on What is the Comptroller General

Aside from the comptroller general serving as the head of the U.S. GAO, this top-management official audit the finances of the United States and give financial reports. The Comptroller General oversees both the internal and external financial responsibilities of the government and prepares financial statements.

Given that a comptroller general holds a critical position in the United States, he is appointed by the President under the approval of the Congress. Reports about government spending activities, both the ones spent locally and internationally are submitted to Congress. Organizations also appoint comptroller generals to help them set effective accounting policies, audit their spending and handle general finances.

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