Click and Mortar – Definition

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Click and Mortar Definition

Click and mortar is a business model that combines both online and offline channels for business operations. Click and mortar is otherwise called click and bricks (it is a modification of the old ‘brick and mortar’ business model to incorporate online and offline operations).

Click and mortar is an omnichannel approach to business and sakes used by retailers who combine online and physical stores. There are many benefits of click and mortar business to consumers and retailers. While consumers enjoy both virtual and physical services, retailers increase their profit margin through this business model. Most people now shop online, Herve, having both physical and online presence is key for the survival of many businesses.

A Little More on What is Click and Mortar

In the present age, retailers are beginning to use both online and offline channels for business operations. This includes having a website where consumers can make an online purchase and a physical store where customers can visit. Click and mortar is a modified business model as compared to the brick and mortar which is just about physical presence.

Given that we are in the internet age, click and mortar business model provide enormous potentials for retailers. In fact, most retailers have transformed their brick and mortar stores into click and mortar businesses. Aside from the profitability of click and mortar, it is a form of e-commerce.

Click and Mortar Example

Given than a huge percentage of people shop online, most retailers have embraced the click and mortar, business model. Both big and small retailers now strive to have an online presence (store) where they can market their products. As an omnichannel strategy, click and mortar give customers the option to make their purchase online and wait for their products to be shipped to them or make orders online and pick them up at a physical.

Regardless of the posture of consumers and retailers to this business model, click and mortar offer many benefits. The most popular examples of click and mortar businesses are Nordstrom, Best Buy, Walmart, and others.

Special Considerations

There are some retailers that operate only online, having understood that having a physical store add to the credibility of a brand and also improves sales, many retailers are moving to the click and mortar. Hence, the click and mortar business model have impacted the confidence consumers once had in patronizing online-only retailers. A decline in the confidence level has led to the opening of more click and mortar businesses.

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