Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor – Definition

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Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor Definition

A Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor (CMFC) is a fund advisor who holds the CMFC professional designation. CMFC is a designation awarded by the College for Financial Planning (CFP) for qualified professionals who work as investment advisors or mutual fund advisors. To earn this professional designation, investment, and mutual fund advisors must complete a course program at the college and pass an exam.

The CMFC study program offers a 10-week course and an exam covering varieties of topics on mutual funds and investments.

Understanding Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor

The Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor (CMFC) designation applies to individuals who work as advisors in investment and mutual fund companies. This designation offers many benefits to professionals who hold it, aside from opening them to more jobs, it gives them better opportunities compared to those who do not have CMFC.

The CMFC study program covers topics on mutual funds, investments, asset allocation, selection of mutual funds for clients, management of funds, risk and return, retirement planning, and others. The credential offered at the completion of this program is only recognized in the mutual fund industry. After earning the professional designation, individuals are required to complete 16 hours of continuing education each year.

Why Hire a Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor?


Oftentimes, clients ask why they need to hire a chartered mutual fund counselor (CMFC), the reasons below explain why you need these professionals;

  • A chartered mutual fund counselor offers advisory service on mutual funds to clients.
  • This professional has expertise in the selection of mutual funds for clients.
  • A CFMC evaluates different funds and gives information about the most appropriate funds for clients.
  • This professional offers investment guidance to clients.

The College for Financial Planning

The College for Financial Planning (CFP) is the academy that awards the chartered mutual fund counselor (CMFC) designation to qualifies professionals. CFP was established as an arm of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) which was founded in 1972, it is. The college was established to produce graduates and professionals who can work efficiently in the mutual fund industry.

The objective of CFP is to build a community of professionals who have expertise in mutual funds, financial planning, financial advisory services and a variety of others.  The activities of the Collge for Financial planning are overseen by a board of directors.

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