Chartered Financial Risk Engineer – Definition

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Chartered Financial Risk Engineer (CFRE) Definition

The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is an institute that trains professionals in the financial industry; the institute gives skill-based finance training. One of the qualifications given by the institute is the Chartered Financial Risk Engineer (CFRETM). The training touches areas such as model validation and quantitative modeling. The duration is about 10 months which can be either virtually where you learn on your own schedule with an expert instructor or in-person.

The program is for persons who want to be professionals in quantitative finance, risk management, and financial securities analysis.

A Little More on What is a Chartered Financial Risk Engineer (CFRE)

The New York Institute of Finance since it was created in 1922 has grown to have a large and all-pervasive alumni network in many countries who are mover and shakers of the world market. It was created by the New York Stock Exchange to provide training for finance experts. Holders of professional certificates from the institute are well equipped in the skills in which they are awarded a certificate. Some of the courses/professional certifications given by the institute are:

  • Investment Banking
  • Chartered Investment Banking Analysis
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Financial Risk Management

The holders develop a deep understanding of the financial market through the training they are exposed to and this is substantiated by their ability to perform well in the finance industry

Requirements to be a Chartered Financial Risk Engineer (CFRE)

The program is fitted to equip every financial risk manager with the necessary skill to be a cut-edge professional. The qualification is for persons who are passionate about quantitative disciplines and financial risk management.

The prerequisite to be fulfilled before being admitted into the program is a pass of the CFRE entry exam or completion of the Quantitative Methods for Finance Professional Certificate and finally, before the award of the designation CFRE, there must be a completion of fundamentals and Advanced CFRE courses.

The CFRETM  program entails 140+ courses which includes securities analysis and programming.

The training is a combination of physical and virtual learning. The majority of the training can be taken through live streaming and it also involves intense boot-camping where they learn practical skills

This program is suitable for those who do not want to leave their work to pursue full-time programs. It involves a series of boot camping over a one-year period.

This designation, awarded to individuals who possess enhanced financial skill set, has been recognized by some of the bodies of professionals. An example of such a body is the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)

CFRETM holders are of high demand in the global commodity trade sector. Not just in the financial industry but also in Programmatic Marketing and Research and Development

The CFRETM training is suitable for persons making a career transition or persons who want to be cutting-edge financial risk manager

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