Certified Employee Benefit Specialist – Definition

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Certified Employee Benefit Specialist Definition

A Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) is a professional designation issued to specialists who have shown competence in handling benefits packages for companies. As part of handling employee benefits for companies, these specialists seek to properly plan and negotiate benefit packages in the companies’ best interests. Professionals with CEBS certificate have knowledge on compensation structures and health insurance policies for employees.

A Little More on What is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist

A Certified Employee Benefit Specialist is awarded to individuals that have completed an educational program with the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans in partnership with the Wharton School in the United States as well as the Dalhousie University based in Canada. Holders of this certificate cmn add it to their qualifications when applying for jobs.

The educational program that awardees are expected to complete has a rigorous curriculum containing eight courses. Participants are at liberty of doing the course online or signing up for the physical class setting.

The content of the coursework for the educational program in the United States is slightly different from that of Canada. In the United States, the course work covers the following areas;

  • Basic personal financial planning
  • Group benefits management
  • Group healthcare design, economics and management
  • Retirement plan design and management
  • Human resources and compensation management
  • Asset management
  • Tax and estate planning; and
  •  Executive compensation

In Canada on the other hand, the course work contains the following;

  • Basic personal financial planning
  • Healthcare economics and issues
  • Principles of group benefits and applications
  • Compensation concepts and principles
  • Government-sponsored benefits
  • Human resource management
  • Asset management; and
  • Executive compensation

The education program is broadly divided into eight courses, participants must take all the eight courses and pass their exams before they can become Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBSs). Other credentials that professionals can obtain are Group Benefit Associate (GBA), Retirement Plans Associate (RPA) or a Compensation Management Specialist (CMS).

Business Schools for Certified Employee Benefit Specialists

There are a number of business schools where participants and successful applicants can attend to earn the Certified Employee Benefit Specialists designation. Some of the renowned business schools include the following; Herzing University,  Strayer University, Colorado State University Global, Southern New Hampshire University, and Capella University.

All the eight courses that students must take and pass their exams to earn this professional designation are offered in the above named schools.

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