Career Fairs and Business Competitions

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Aside from the on-campus recruiting that takes place at elite business schools, the single greatest opportunity for business students to create career opportunities is through career fairs and business competitions.

All business schools host some form of career fair. The quality of employment opportunities will vary based upon the reputation, quality, and resources of the business school. In addition, there are also many national career fairs. Below are a couple of useful websites in identifying these opportunities.

There are far few conferences for undergraduate business majors than for MBA students. The two largest and highest quality career fairs (recruiting events) for MBA students are:

Case Competitions

While career fairs are certainly beneficial, often employers target business school competitions to recruit new employees. The most common form of competition is a case competition. At these events, students analyze business situations and develop strategic plans for addressing the identified issues. The cases generally are related to a specific subject matter, such as marketing, finance, operations, strategy, real estate, etc.

There are some competitions that are more skills-related, such as sales or marketing competitions. Some noteworthy examples are:

Below is a list of the major business case competitions

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