Accountability Matrix – Definition

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Accountability Matrix Definition

Accountability matrix or Responsibility Assignment Matrix is a useful analytical tool that can be used to examine many problems in an organization around clarifying who is doing what.

The matrix of assignment of responsibilities (MAR) or also known as RACI (for the different types of responsibility), is a tool for project management and specifically for the management of human resources that is used to relate deliverables or activities with the resources of the draft. The MAR serves mainly to clarify the responsibilities of the different members of the project on the different activities of the project. In this way, it is ensured that each of the components of the scope is assigned to an individual or work team.

A Little More on Matrix of Assignment of Responsibility

The purpose of the MAR is to illustrate the connections that exist between the work to be done and the members of the project team, ensuring that the correct resources are assigned to the correct work.

The creation of a responsibility assignment matrix is important because it provides the project leader with a tool that allows him to identify the roles, responsibilities, and levels of authority for the specific activities of the project. In this way, the leader and the team know with certainty who is responsible for each activity and thus avoid duplication of functions or the existence of activities that do not have a reliable.

Without a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, the project becomes more prone to fall into trouble. When people know exactly what is expected of them, it is easier for them to complete their work on time, within the allocated budget and the level of quality required.

How is the matrix constructed?

For the project leader to develop a responsibility allocation matrix, it is necessary to have project scope information (EDT), time estimation for each activity (schedule), risk mitigation actions and know the groups or units that will participate in the project. Once you have all this information, you will have to identify the roles and functions that each of the team members will play within the project so that you can assign each of them to the correct task. In this way, you can identify those responsible for the results of the project, the person to whom they are accountable, those who are consulted about the activities of the work packages and those to whom you should inform yourself about any change or risk in the draft.

The elaborated matrix should connect the project’s organizational chart to the WBS, to ensure that each and every one of the components of the work packages is assigned to someone within the project team.

Components of Accountability Matrix

Among the essential elements contained in a matrix of responsibilities are:

It is important to mention that it is not necessary to assign the 4 different roles for each activity or deliverable. However, the role of responsible and approver are indispensable to develop a good matrix of responsibilities.

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