5S Method of Business Process Management

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What is the 5S Method of Business Process Management?

The 5S Method is an approach to creating efficiency in workplace processes and activities. It is primarily used as part of business process management. The 5S model is integrated into various lean operation approaches. The objectives are process improvement and output quality. It does so by fostering employee independence, teamwork, and leadership.

5S Method is an acronym from five Japanese words:

  • Seiri (Separate) – separate needed and unneeded things
  • Seiton (Sort) – sort or locate needed and used things that they can be easily and quickly applied
  • Seiso (Still clean) – maintaining cleanliness in the workplace and its surroundings
  • Seiketsu (Standardize) – continuous and repeated improvement of the organizational work
  • Shitsuke (Self-discipline) – maintaining perfect order and 4 previous S in the workplace at the time

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