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Types of Punishment for Criminal Activity

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What types of punishment exist for criminal activity?

Criminal statutes carry numerous forms of punishment or sanction for criminal conduct including:

•    Fines – These are monetary penalties placed on someone convicted of criminal activity.

•   Incarceration – This includes the physical detention of an individual.

•   Other Loss of Rights or Privileges – Other losses of rights or privileges pursuant to criminal conduct include:

⁃    the right to vote,

⁃    the right to own a firearm, and

⁃    the privilege of driving.

These punishments are not exclusive. Criminal conduct may carry multiple punishments.

•    Discussion: Do you believe that criminal punishments are fair across all crimes in the United States? More specifically, are the criminal sanctions for white-collar crimes just in comparison to criminal sanctions for the sale for illegal drugs?

•    Practice Question: Victor is charged with domestic abuse of his wife. The police have evidence that Victor physically attacked his wife on multiple occasions. The charges are a felony in Victor’s state. If convicted, what are the possible penalties Victor could face for this illegal conduct?

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