Slide 4: Your Solution

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Slide 4: Your Solution

Once you have laid out the problem (need or want) and how it affects different types of people, you have to tell the investor how you are going to address the issue with your product or service. Now is the time to be a salesperson. Do not be overly dramatic, but you should create a sense of anticipation or excitement as you reveal your product or service. Remember the famous scene where Steven Jobs introduces the MacBook Air by pulling it from a manila envelope.

How Does it Work?

Once you have introduced the product/service, you need to explain how it works. This is where a product or service demo or video of your product or service can be very useful. In doing so, you are elaborating on the value proposition for the customer. Try to demonstrate the anticipated reaction of your customer segments to the product. This will allow you to show the level of priority that the customer has to satisfy their need or want. The level of priority correlates with the strength of demand that the customer has for the product or service.

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