Slide 2: The Business Team

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Slide 2: The Business Team 

I strongly recommend using the second slide to introduce your business team. Investors are curious as to the background, skills, and qualifications of the business members. Remember, investors invest in people as much as businesses. This is your opportunity to demonstrate you personality and the drive that you have to make the business a success.

Include 3rd Party Relationships

You may also wish to list and give the background of those individuals with whom you have a close relationship or provide support to your business. Many businesses form an informal board of advisors very early in the business. These individuals are generally knowledgeable and have strong business credentials. Naming these individuals as advisors to your business allows you to benefit from their personal brand. You may also wish to name your professional help if you believe it brings credibility to your business. For example, you make list your accounting, attorney, engineer, designer, business consultant, etc.

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