Slide 1: The Company Logo

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You want to make your introductory slide appear very professional.  You will include your business name and logo. A business logo represents your overall product and brand in a single glance. It should give your business a professional and memorable image. Think of the business pitch as selling your business or idea to the investors. You want to start by introducing investors to the brand that you hope to build around your business.

I recommend hiring or contracting with a graphic designer with experience to help you build a logo. There are lots of websites that help you locate designers and allow you to review their work. An increasingly popular option is crowdsourcing the design of your logo, website, or other graphic material. A leading crowdsourcing website is Basically, you post an amount of money that you are willing to pay for a design.  Designers compete to produce a logo that you like. You provide feedback along the way to help guide the designers. In the end, you choose the design that you like and that designer receives all of the money.  Web services like this allow you to contract a designer at a very reasonable price. Another option is that you may be able to find talented designers at local colleges that will work for reasonable price.

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