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Review Under the Federal Arbitration Act

Review Under the Federal Arbitration Act

In cases involving federal matters, the Federal Administration Act controls the procedures. The procedures of the FAA are binding upon both state and federal courts when called upon to review an arbitration. Once an award is entered by an arbitrator or arbitration panel, it must be “confirmed” in a court of law. Per the FAA, awards must be confirmed within one year. A losing party must object and challenge the award within three months.

⁃    Note: As a federal law, the FAA trumps state statutes that conflict with its provisions. For example, the FAA trumps state laws that allow for challenge of arbitration awards in a manner that differs from the provisions of the FAA.

•    Discussion: Do you think that the provisions of the FAA requiring a court to confirm an arbitration award make the arbitration process more fair? Why or why not? Do these provisions help to ensure the mandatory arbitration statute observes Constitutional rights? Why or why not?

•    Practice Question: Erica is a party to an arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act. She receives an award from the arbitrators. What is the process for enforcing the arbitration award?

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