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Quid Pro Quo Defined

Quid Pro Quo Defined

Quid pro quo is a latin phrase meaning “something for something.” Basically, it entails any situation where two parties trade one thing for another. Generally, the exchange takes place at the same time and is for equivalent value.

A Little More on Quid Pro Quo

“Quid pro Quo” describes a traditional contractual relationship where value is exchanged between parties. Value in a contract is known as “consideration”.

Quid pro Quo often describes an ethically questionable (and sometimes illegal) scenario where one favor is exchanged for a reciprocal favor. Bribes to company or government officials in exchange for other benefits fall into this category.

Quid pro Quo is also used to describe a cause of action for sexual harassment in the workplace. It pertains to a scenario where a manager offers a subordinate employee workplace benefits (higher pay, promotion, time off, better job responsibilities, etc.) in exchange for sexual favors.

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