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Intrapreneurship Explained

Intrapreneurship Explained

Intrapreneurship is an entrepreneurship-related concept where employees of a company demonstrate entrepreneurship and have attributes of entrepreneurs. An Intraprenuer is generally characterized as self motivated, creative in solving complex problems, is proactive and action-oriented. They take initiative within the organization to come up with innovative products, processes or services.

A Little More on Entrepreneurship

Intrapreneurship fosters innovation and growth in an organization. An intrapreneurially environment provides a sense of independence in resolving issues. Entrepreneurship studies different aspects of work, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in the manner problems are solved and solutions are implemented. As such, an Intraprenuer often focuses on company processes rather than the business. She focuses on resolving problems through novel approaches and on bring innovation to specific areas of the company.

The Growth of Intrapreneurship in the Workplace

A good intraprenuer tends to step outside of her comfort zone to experiment with innovative ideas and techniques for achieving a goal or purpose. Intraprenuers play a critical role in defining not only the current progress but also the future of a company.

The current generation of worker (across generation categories) has generally embraced Intraprenuerial roles within their workplaces. They look for independence and creativity in their work and work towards the purpose and meaning of their contribution to the company. They want independent projects which allow them to be innovative in achieving the goals.They are creative while improving the goods and services of their company. They take risks and utilize their skills to bring about change while minimizing the risk of their own. They can develop their own ideas and test them within the company.

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