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Intrapreneurship Explained

Intrapreneurship Explained

Intrapreneurship is an entrepreneurial ideology where the employees of a company possess entrepreneurial skills that do not alter the course of the company but rather moves it forward. An Intrapreneur is generally characterized by self-motivation, creativity in solving complex problems, proactivity and being action-oriented. Such an employee leans from the company in order to serve better by virtue of coming up with innovative products, processes and or services.

A Little More on Entrepreneurship

Basically, intrapreneurship aids in innovation and growth in an organization in that it helps the employee feel free to explore other innovative means of solving problems without having to look back for a haughty and less open-minded superior. It gives employees a sense of independence, freedom to explore, learn, impact and be celebrated for being innovative. This way, it fosters efficiency at work and aids the general development of the company.

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