International Law (Intro)

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Introduction to International Law
This video provides an introduction to international law.

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Overview of International Law

International law concerns the laws agreed to and observed by nations and its citizens. More specifically, international law may include the rules applicable to dealings between two countries. It may also include the laws applicable to a transaction between individuals from separate countries. This chapter introduces the concept of international law and the categories of public and private international law before providing context for its application. This includes international relations and private international transactions. It identifies the primary international organizations charged with promulgating international legal standards. It then identifies the body primarily charged with resolving disputes that arise pursuant to those standards. It reviews the primary methods for transacting business in foreign markets and the legal risks inherent in each. It then reviews the primary US laws that affect international business practice, such as the import and export of goods. Lastly, it reviews the primary methods for resolving disputes in private international transactions.

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