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Ideation – Definition

Ideation Definition

Ideation is applicable in diverse settings and environs, it is the process of forming ideas and realizing the ideas generated. The string of activities entailed in forming ideas and concepts as well as implementing them is described as ideation. Ideation comes up more often in business arrangements, it has to do with the process of conceiving concepts and ideas that can be implemented in a business to enhance productivity and profitability.

Many factors contribute to how ideas and concepts are formed, these include past experiences, beliefs and principles. Available data showing previous ideas that have been formed also help to inform how new ideas are conceived and implemented.

A Little More on What is Ideation

The process of forming ideas, which can be presented graphically or orally is known as ideation. There are a number of processes involved in how ideas are formed, this includes conception of the idea, the sequence of thoughts that are invested in forming the idea and thoughts on how the idea can be implemented.

Before any project or business can commence, sequence of thoughts and conceiving of ideas must have been put in place that will back up how the business or project will run. Ideation is not limited to a specific category of people, anyone can come up with ideas. Ideation is an important metric for the success of any business or project.

The General Ideation Process

Although, many people can find it difficult to form ideas, ideation is not impossible. There are certain procedures involved in the creation of ideas, there are also guidelines that help individuals generate ideas. Here is a highlight of the general processes entailed in ideation;

  • What problem do you want to solve? Coming up with ideas might be impossible if there is no problem to solve or solution to provide. Hence, the first process of ideation is the need to provide a solution.
  • The second process is brainstorming. You brainstorm with individuals who have the potential to solve the problem, you need a team of people for brainstorming to be effective.
  • The sequence of thoughts and stream of ideas generated from brainstorming are married to give a concrete idea which is the main idea. Once the idea is decided on and tested to be effective. It can then be implemented.

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