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Drip Marketing Explained

Drip Marketing Explained

It is a marketing strategy that sends pre-written marketing materials to consumers and prospective buyers over a period of time. In the marketing, the concept “law 29” suggests a person becomes a customer only after seeing market promotions 29 times. The drip marketing was developed on this concept. It aims at attracting a customer to a product or service through repeated exposure over a significant period of time.

A Little More on Drip Marketing

The drip marketing tries to place a product or service on the mind of the prospective buyer so that while making a choice it comes to their mind. The same strategy is called the “drip campaign”, “lifecycle emails”, “marketing automation,” or “auto-response campaign”.

The most common media used for implementing this strategy are emails and social media. Although other media including direct mail and newsletter can also be used. The messages in drip marketing are pre-written and the timing of delivering those are also predetermined. Often these are the automated emails sent to the prospective customer’s inbox. It is easy to manage and low in cost. Generally, the prospective customers are asked to fill out a form, online or in person, then their details are entered into the database of the marketing wing and emails are sent automatically with the prewritten texts at predetermined intervals.

Social media is also becoming immensely popular among the marketing strategists for dip marketing. The consumers see the promotional messages on the news feeds of their social media page.

Direct mail is the traditional technique used in drip marketing and has been used for long in promotions of different products and services. Companies still use this in their drip marketing effort.

Typically, a drip marketing message talks about one particular product or service. The drip marketing campaign differs from other database marketing strategies in two ways, the timing of delivering the messages are predetermined and it takes the behavior of the prospective customer into account while designing the campaign. Once someone agrees to receive promotional materials from a seller, they start receiving a series of e-mails or other communications. The email can come immediately or after a few days. Then they receive the follow-up emails based on their online behaviors which include visiting site, buying products online, adding products to wish-list or to the cart. The messages depend on these behaviors which are easy to track online. Depending on these behaviors one might get a discount offer on a particular product or some other incentives. The whole process is automated thus save both money and time.

This strategy has been proved to be a very effective way of promoting goods and services and is used widely by different companies all over the world.

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