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Dark Web – Definition

Dark Web Definition

The dark web is also known as darknet, it refers to a computed online content that cannot be accessed just by the use of conventional search engines or internet.  The contents of a dark web are not displayed when an end-user engages in certain browsing activity, rather, they require specific configurations or authorization to access them.

Not just any regular browser or search engine can access contents on dark web. There are some specific browsers combined with a good internet network that provides access to the contents of a dark web.  Tor is an example of a browser that can access content on a dark web.

A Little More on What is the Dark Web

Web users that want to hide under anonymity when transacting online us the dark web. This type of web harbours anonymous messages and illegal contents such as stolen financial reports, and private documents. Generally, the dark web is known to be a fertile ground for marketing illegal products such as drugs, stolen items and plagiarized ideas and innovations.

Also, some professionals that need to get sensitive information from citizens of countries where conversation are constantly monitored can use the dark web. Drug dealers, ponography buyers and sellers, illegal hackers and other people that want to engage in criminal acts without being known use the dark web.

Dark Web Versus Deep Web

People often use ‘dark web’ and ‘deep web’ interchangeable but they are not the same and are not to be confused with each other. Basically, a dark web contains encrypted contents cannot be displayed on a SERP, they require certain configuration or authorization before they can be displayed. A Dark web is also a breeding ground for trading of illegal items and a place where people transact under anonymity.

A deep web, on the other hand, refer to web pages that are not displayed when a user launches a search query on a search engine. Items that do not pop up or that require a login, such as certain websites, online banking platforms are called deep web.

The Size of the Dark Web Economy

Dark web has significantly grown with regard to its impact in the economy.  Dark web has witnessed an influx of users in recent times. According to a report by the Economists that was published in 2016, drug activity done through the platform of the dark web has increased from $17 million to an estimated $180 million just in an interval of three years; between 2012 and 2015.

Due to the nature of the dark web, accurately gauging the activities or business transaction son the web is quite difficult. Hence, the above valuation is regarded as a mere speculation or estimation, rather than the true figure.

Regulating the Dark Web

There has been a persistent struggle in the bid to regulate the dark web, as well as the illegal activities that are perpetrated on the wed. The FBI successfully pulled down a drug web designed for drug market in 2013, it was named the Silk road. Immediately the FBI conducted this cleanup, another Silk road emerged and aqs brought down in 2014 by the FBI and Europol. Silk Road 3 also emerged after the completion of this exercise. It has therefore been really difficult to completely shut down illegal marketplaces on the dark web. There are diverse attempts to regulate the dark web economy but it has continued to grow.

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