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Certified Treasury Professional – Definition

Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Definition

The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) is a professional title awarded to individuals who exhibit competency and expertise in cash management. Awardees of CTP must undergo through a course study program established by the Association for Financial Professionals. They must sit for an exam and pass before they can be certified. Holders of CTP designation must renew their certification by undergoing a 36-hour continuing education and pay a renewal fee. The certification can be used by individuals for three years before they renew the designation.

A Little More on What is a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)

Cash managers require adequate skills, knowledge and competence in cash management for them to function effectively. Individuals who are already cash managers but want to pursue their career further and erean a professional designation in cash management apply for the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) program. The CTP designation is earned after completing a course study with the Association for Financial Professionals, sit for their exam and pass the exam. The program focuses on cash processing, treasury management, reconciliation, managing current accounts, revenue collection, monitoring cash flow, among others.

Applying to Become a Certified Treasury Professional

When applying for a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation, there are some important things to note. For a candidate to become a CTP holder, he must;

  • Have a full time employment in cash management or related roles for at least two years. Or
  • A year experience in related fields and a bachelor of master’s degree. Or
  • A full time college-level teaching experience in finance and a year work experience.

While applying for CTP program, applicants must submit all necessary records and requirements to the Association for Financial Professionals. The CTP certificate qualification exam contains multiple choice questions that can be completed using a computer.

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