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Certified Senior Consultant – Definition

Certified Senior Consultant (CSC) Definition

The holder of a Certified Senior Consultant (CSC) designation is an expert with the required knowledge and experience in financial planning and investments.  Individuals with insights and expertise when it comes to solving critical challenges relating to financial planning, abd investment can become CSC. Professionals can earn the CSC designation by undergoing the course study and passing the examination coupled with the necessary requirements. The National Association of Certified Senior Consultants (NACSC) issues CSC to individuals who are mostly financial planners that want to further their career.

A Little More on What is a Certified Senior Consultant (CSC)

The Institute of Business and Finance (IBF) offers the Certified Senior Consultant (CSC) program to interested candidates. The program comprises of a 30-hour self study program with five modules. There are three examinations that candidates must write and pass before being awarded the professional designation. The three final exams are administered by the National Association of Securities dealers after wihi candidates undergo a continuing education for the first five years after they are certified.

CSC Areas of Knowledge

The CSC course study is broadly divided into six parts, they are;

  • Health Transitions as People Grow Older,
  • Aging and the society,
  • Quality-of-Life Choices for Older Adults,
  • Essential Ethics for Working with Older Adult,
  • Financial & Estate Planning for Age 65 and Older; and
  • Federal & State Programs for Retirement & Health Care.

The core areas of the knowledge of the CSC program include Social security, Medicaid, SSI, Medicare and vetern’s benefits.

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