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Career Development Checklist

Cite this article as: Jason Mance Gordon, "Career Development Checklist," in The Business Professor, updated December 7, 2019, last accessed April 7, 2020, https://thebusinessprofessor.com/knowledge-base/career-development-checklist/.



Getting a Job

Advancing your Career

  • Work toward competence in your job function.
  • Continue to improve your communication skills.
  • Continue to develop strong business etiquette practices.
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  • Develop a professional relationship with subordinates, colleagues, and superiors.
  • Identify your career progression aspirations.
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  • Work toward achieving the qualifications for promotion.
  • Continue to develop a strong professional relationship with your superiors.
  • Make known to your superiors your intentions and aspirations for promotion.
  • Continue to work on communication and business etiquette.

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